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Garazo - Anogia

Length: 16 km
Estimated time: 5 hours
Suggested period: March - November
Difficulty: None


The remains of the Minoan culture, that is, whatever the excavations managed to bring to light and rescue, consist the most valuable witness of the adeptness in the construction of handmade creations that the Cretans managed to develop since the prehistoric era. Following the steps of their ancestors not only in techniques but also in the aesthetic traditions, today, the people of Crete and mainly the people living in villages put their creativity and the artistic sensitivity into the creation of high quality folk art objects. At the mountainous villages of Milopotamos, Anogeia, Zoniana and Livadia but also in the entire prefecture, the practice of traditional weaving, needlework and knitting blooms and consists the main occupation of the women during their free time. The techniques are passed from the mother to the daughter during the preparation of the dowry, that is, the clothes that the bride takes with her when she lives from her homestead. At weaving, traditional materials such as wool, cotton, flax and silk are being used, which are processed by the women themselves, converted to fiber and weaved on the loom. In many cases, even today, natural colors that come from wild flowers of the Cretan nature are being used.

Traditional dress

Elements that characterize a place are the language spoken there, morals and customs, traditions and legends, possible unique activities its residents are occupied with and, of course, the clothes they wear. The last element is very interesting because it transforms depending on climate conditions, soil morphology, national adventures and the influences this place received throughout its history.

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