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Garazo - Anogia

Length: 16 km
Estimated time: 5 hours
Suggested period: March - November
Difficulty: None

Areas of special beauty

The cave of Sfendoni at Zoniana in Milopotamos (47km from Rethymno on the road to Rethymno - Perama - Aksos) has 14 halls with a rich interior from stalactites and stalagmites. Its length is 550 m and its total surface covers 3330 square meters. During the last years, archeological research has detected a Neolithic facility in the cave. The cave of Sfendoni, Skafidia or Trypa Sfendoni lies on the western side of Anogeia, at a distance of 1 klm from Zoniana village and at an altitude of 630 m, at the banks of Psiloritis. Trial archeological researches took place at the first and second hall of the cave. It has been noticed that it was being used as a living area during the Late Neolithic era and more systematically during the Pre-Minoan Ι-ΙΙΑ era. A shell of the Late Minoan ΙΙΙΑ/Β era confirms the human presence as well as during the Late Minoan years, while it seems that it was inhabited during the Roman era. During Recent years it was used for the grooming of animals. The cave is can be visited.


The cave of Zoniana