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Useful guidelines

It is better for hikers to wear suitable shoes and hat for the type of route he is going to follow, and carry a windproof jacket. They should also be supplied with plenty of food and water. In the winter, suitable equipment for climbing in the snow is necessary. It is not unnecessary to have a mobile phone or at least to have informed a friend or relative in advance about the route to be followed.

Climbing up to the peaks of Krioneritis, Kedros and Psiloreitis is by all means difficult for people who are not used to walking long distances every day. People who wish to conquer these peaks would better be accompanied by a guide. In the winter, suitable equipment for walking in the snow is necessary.

Hikers should respect the wild and tame flora and fauna of the areas they visit. In case they come across fences in their way, they should close the doors before leaving, so that animals kept cannot escape or cause damage to the agricultural facilities.

Generally, hikers should respect foreign property, be extremely careful not to cause a fire, leave litter or cause trouble.

Entrance to worship places (monasteries, churches) is allowed only to people who are dressed suitably. Any damage or lift of any item is prohibited in archaeological sites.

Crete does not host any animals that are dangerous for humans (snakes etc). Some insects can be annoying (mosquitoes, flies, bees, wasps, silkworms) and are definitely dangerous to people who are allergic to them. Scorpion stings can be painful and, sometimes, dangerous too. In such a case, medical help must be sought immediately.

It is very likely that you will be offered by locals to eat or drink something on one of your routes, especially on one of those that do not cross tourist areas. Accept! Be sure that the offer does not have any hidden purpose, but it is only an expression of hospitality.

Information about the E4 European Path can also be found in the following guides:

  • "E4, Europaiko Monopati Kritis, 40+1 Diadromes stous Topous tou Mithou" (E4, European Path of Crete, 40+1 Routes in the Lands of Myth). This is the title and subtitle of Giorgis Petrakis' detailed study-guide.
  • "E4, Europaiko Monopati Megalon Diadromon, Oreines Diadromes Peloponnisou" and "E4, Europaiko Monopati Megalon Diadromon, Oreines Diadromes Voreiou Ellados » (« E4, European Long Distance Path, Mountainous Routes of the Peloponnese » and « E4, European Long Distance Path, Mountainous Routs of Northern Greece ») are the two guides created by the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing about the E4 routes in the rest of Greece.

For more information, please contact the local offices of the Hellenic Mountaineering Association.