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Shelter at Toubotos Prinos - Nidas Plain

Length: 14 km
Estimated time: 6.3 hours
Suggested period: April - October
Difficulty: High altitude. Bare terrain without shade. Lack of available drinking water.

Summary of route

From the mountaineering shelter, the E4 follows the bank of a stream for a while and comes into the region of Kako Plai. From that point, it bypasses Agkathia peak (2424 m) and turns to the northeast to arrive at the highest peak, Timios Stavros (2454 m).

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Villages on route

Mountaineering Association of Toumpotos Prinos Shelter - Timios Stavros (church) - Idaion Andron - Nida tableland

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Cultural Environment

Natural Environment

Nutrition - Gastronomy